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Join my free online Idea Time Business Growth Academy and grow your business!

Idea Time Online Course

Join my Business Growth Academy – a bit like a productive AND enjoyable summer school for you and your business.

Each week you will work through my activities to learn some business concepts, use them to think differently about your own business and get my personal support to help you get the breakthroughs that you’ve been hoping for.

You will need about an hour a week to work through the activities.

Business growth academy summer school


Week 1

Reset – adjust your vision.  Is it still what you want? Plus, review what’s worked and what hasn’t 

Week 2

Prioritise – what are the things that will make the most difference? How do you want you spend your day vs how are you spending your day?

Week 3

Expand – a power hour to focus your growth activities and get your plan together 

Week 4

Flow – how to streamline your growth activities to get more promo done in less time 

At the end of the academy you will have an exact plan on how you will grow your business!

Join my online Business Growth Academy today! Let’s have fun AND grow your business!